Nintendo DSi LL

Nintendo DSi LL

I can’t believe this… today Nintendo announced another DS! This time, it is the DSi… LL! What’s new in the DSi LL? The screen is larger than the normal DSi… 4.2 inch! In comparison, the size of the PSP screen is 4.3 inch (this is not the PSPgo which have smaller screen) Other than that, the rest of the specs are similar to the normal DSi. The price for this is 20,000 yen and will be available in Japan on 21st November 2009. The LL will be coming to Europe and US in the first quarter of 2010 and will be renamed to DSi XL. No info on availability in other regions.

Why Nintendo is introducing this when it is almost same as the DSi? The main reason is the LL is targeted at older people that can’t see the DSi’s small screen. Engadget have a nice comparison table between the DSi LL, DSi and DS Lite. (translated from the original table)

Which one would you choose? DSi or DSi LL?

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  1. Nintendo always releases 30 versions of their gameboys. This is just ridiculous. They had the gameboy advance. Then the SP then the Micro. They just rehash the same thing with minor changes.

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