PSP Go!: Should You Buy It?


Ok… the PSP Go! is now available. And here come the question: should you buy it? The price of the PSP is not cheap, so it can be a hard decision to make. Let’s list out some pro and con of the Go.


  • Slimmer, Lighther.
  • Large Built-in storage space.
  • Bluetooth.
  • Pause game.


  • More expensive than normal PSP and only $30/RM200 cheaper than the PS3.
  • Cannot play UMD games/movies.
  • Not compatible with existing accessories (Camera, GPS, etc…) unless you buy another converter.

As you can see from the list above, if you own a PSP, PSP Go! is not a good upgrade for you. All your existing UMD games will become useless since you can’t transfer to the Go. Existing accessories is also not compatible out-of-the-box, you need to get an extra adapter for it (and it is not elegant).

The conclusion is, if you don’t own a PSP now, you can consider the PSP Go if you have the budget (the price of the PSP Go is RM1099 (USD249) while the PS3 Slim is RM1299 (USD299)). If you are tight in budget, the normal PSP is the way to go. If you are a curent PSP owner, the PSP Go! is not a good upgrade unless you have the extra money to spend.

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9 Responses to PSP Go!: Should You Buy It?

  1. john says:

    but I think normal psp is more better than slim psp coz the old design is nice

  2. anti-cheapskates says:

    only cheapskates in Malaysia will hate PSP Go, because they can’t get the chinaman shops to sell them pirated games or download games off internet.
    The problem with most Malaysian or Asian…we never believe in paying for software or service, free is better.

  3. think man says:

    ermmm… im very confius 2 buy psp or psp go……..
    can,….anyone help me about this……

  4. wind says:

    hi, can i know what is “umd” games? dont understand..

  5. hazeeq says:

    i interested to buy the psp go.. live in long does it takes to download the psp go games?

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