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Document Converter eXPressRecently, Sian Siew posted an article about problem viewing Microsoft Word Document on non-MS viewer (such as Open Office). The way he suggested is to convert the doc file to pdf. But his suggestion require you to install some software to convert the document. This might be a bit inconvenient if you are not using your own computer. To solve this problem, the easiest way is to use online file converter. One of my favorite online doc-to-pdf converter is NeeVia‘s Document Converter eXPress. It supports large number of input format, which is very good. Some of the less common filetype, such as *.pub (which is a Microsoft Publisher file) is also supported. You also can configure some of the settings for the output file such as the resolution of the pdf file.

ZamzarI also found two online file converter that convert file to format other than document/text file. These converters support both audio and video format. The two converters are Zamzar and Media Convert. I haven’t try these converters yet, but I think it is a good site for those who want to convert video such as flv to avi. [via TechCrunch]

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