Add Custom Search Engine for Firefox 2


Recently, Microsoft just released the final version of Internet Explorer 7. One of the feature that I like about IE7 is the ability to add custom search engine in your quick search bar. But Firefox doesn’t have this feature, which is kinda bad. Both IE7 and Firefox 2 support the OpenSearch standard. The only easy way to add new search engine is to use Mycroft. But some of the search engines are out of date and would not work. Fortunately, I manage to find a Firefox extension that allows you to add your own custom search engine. The extension is OpenSearchFox. It is easy to add a new search engine using OpenSearchFox. All you need to do is to right click at the search box and select “Add OpenSearch plugin”. But please remember that this extension is only available for Firefox 2 and above. So, for older Firefox user, you have no choice but to use Mycroft. (or you can update your FF to ver2 ;))

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