E3 2009!

E3 - Electronic Entertaiment Expo

Just few more days left till E3! This year’s E3 is going to be interesting because it is switching back to the ‘old format’, which means that it will be bigger than previous year. The date of the expo is 2-4 June 2009 and will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Some of the important press conferences that you should take note: (sorted chronologically)

  • Microsoft – 1st June 2009, 10.30am PST (2nd June 2009, 1.30am Malaysia time)
  • EA – 1st June 2009, 2pm PST (2nd June 2009, 5am Malaysia time)
  • Ubisoft – 1st June 2009, 5pm PST (2nd June 2009, 8am Malaysia time)
  • Nintendo – 2nd June 2009, 9am PST (3rd June 2009, 12am Malaysia time)
  • Sony – 2nd June 2009, 1am PST (3rd June 2009, 2am Malaysia time)

I wonder what big announcement that we can expect in these press conferences???

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