Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 is Out

The beta of the next version of Internet Explorer is now available! The IE team just announced the availability of the Beta in MIX08.

One of the new features that the IE team boasted about is that IE finally passed the Acid2 browser test, which mean IE conform to CSS standard. (All previous IEs failed this test) Some other features include:

  • Faster JavaScript handling. 2.5x the speed of previous IE. “Back” button support for AJAX.
  • Webslices (I’m not quite sure about it, but it said it will let you subscribe to part of a website)
  • Social integration/activities in right click. Live maps, Facebook, etc…
  • Better developer tool.

You can download the Beta version here. The IE team said that the main focus user in Beta 1 is web developer (to help them create website that compatible with IE8/standard compliance) Normal user would have to wait for Beta 2 for more features that focused on them.

It is really great to hear that Microsoft have finally releasing a standard compliant web browser. But for now, I’ll just stick with Firefox. :p

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 Official Website

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