SMS Contest Scam!

I received a SMS this afternoon saying that I won RM14000 in a lucky draw. But luckily, I had been listening to radio during my holiday, so I know about this SMS scam! Not sure where they get my number, but the content of the SMS is like this:

Pengumuman dari PETRONAS MAS, TAHNIAH! SimCard Anda betua memenangi undia hadiah Wang tunai RM 14.000 Sila hubungi telefon. 0062858802027** Terima kasih

Actually, it is quite easy to identify that this SMS is a fake. There are few spelling mistakes and grammar error, which usually won’t happen in contest organize by a large company such as Petronas. You can check out the warning that send out by Petronas below.

SMS Contest Scam [Petronas]

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61 Responses to SMS Contest Scam!

  1. khudrat says:

    saya terima sms ini malam tadi,megatakan saya memenangi RM14000,selepas saya balik dari cyber cafe….macam tak percaya…..saya rasa sms ini tipu….saya tak berapa pasti dimana atau dari siapa mereka mendapat nombor saya,tapi sms yang saya terima ini berkata begini

    From +6281510613861

    Pengumuman!dari “PETRONAS MAS” TAHNIAH! Sim card anda betua Memenangi undian Hadiah wang tunia RM,14.000 Sila Hubungi telefon :
    006281574233509 Terimah Kasih

  2. VeluNaidu says:

    Hi hello everyone,
    i received SMS which stated as Mr. Khudrat mentioned.

    From; +682111102683

    and to contact; 006285880692793

    I did contact the number still active even thought it is scam.
    The person who attend the call is Mr. Abdul Rahman Bin Salleh (fake),
    and our bank account have to be filled atleast 1k. Is that funny?
    When they mention 14,000 is a winner present,, then what the heck we
    should have 1k in our bank account?

  3. Ida says:


    Just received the same message as mentioned.

    From +628151876643

    Contact No 00628568146567.

    i guess the scam still around, the only different is the amount offered is now RM17,000.

  4. Tdawg says:

    i just got one like half an hour ago…haha.

    From +6281510508130

    it reads..

    Pengumuman dari “PETRONAS MAS” TAHNIAH! Simcard Anda betua memenangi undian Hadiah Wang tunai RM 14.000 Sila Hubungi telefon : 006281574772224

    its so dumb…

  5. IANJEPTH says:

    owwh my God… yesterday i’ve got the same message as mentioned… it’s from petronas mas, they said that my simcard won cash prize rm 14,000 and they wanted my account no. lucky, i never know what is my account no. i’m so excited but i know this message is fake, fake and fake.
    i think this is one of the cyber’s crime….. the laws must take this issues seriously.

  6. butternmilk says:

    Is there anything we could do about this? I still get the scam message today after six months and the “call centre” is still working. Definitely someone somehow will get hooked someday.

  7. patmawathy says:

    hai,i got one message:-
    Congratulation!Sim Card Anda Telah Berjaya Memenangi BONUS Cek Bertuah RM15,000.00 DARI PETRONAS Sila Call di Talian 006281384347777 Terima Kasih.

    play with me.for requist,pls fine out this problem!it’s true or not!?and mail for me.

  8. micky says:

    Hey, i just received the text about half an bour ago. The price money is now RM30,000. the sender phone number is +60128647103 and the number to call is 0128403567. I knew it had got to be a scam thus I checked the net to confirm my suspicion. True enough!!

  9. kache butir says:

    got the same massage. the authority have to take action seriously.

  10. mary says:

    My husbband working in Singapore is asked to open an account with UOB ( in s’pore)and the funny thing is, all other bank account will not do.That’s easy we will just go to this one bank to enquire will do. It really was a scam!! No such contest tie to them at all. It’s a fake game; i’m afraid once you’ve given your account number away, all your savings would be withdrawn instantly instead of getting a cent from the rubbish Lucky Draw!!!

    The fake SMS msg goes like this:-

    Congratulation!!! Your Sim Card get $7000 from PETRONAS. please call Petronas Centre: +6281339662456.

  11. Unlucky Guy says:

    Argghhhhh…..ive lost my RM1k……dammit….its ok….ive blocked my bank a/c and lodge a police report…..every details of the crime has given to the police…..Pray for me guys……its all my fault….

  12. Joy says:

    this morning i received sms same as u guys then i call up and an indo men answer saying that i have won the grand prize amounting to RM30,000-00 ask me to call 014- 3524760 then they ask my account no so that they can bank in directly to me it sound weirs but lucky i din give them my account no. when i ask for more inform they cut off my line. For you guys please beware of this sms

  13. Kavitha says:

    HaHaH, I think it happens to most of the malaysians since it was RM14000.. i guess? Im a Malaysian but i have been staying in singapore for past 4 years and this same sms wake me up and never give a chance to get back to my sleep this morning, June 17 2010! But this time its in english, the message was like this, ( wif some spelling errors as well)
    [ From:+6285299715524
    Congratulations your simcard winner GRAND PRIZE. $.9000 From COMPONY PETRONAS To. information Please contac office petronas centre;
    +6281233589444 ] The best part was that, i never ever trust any of this kinda lucky draw or grand prize that it gaves me the guts to reply by sms them back ‘ Nonsense, get a life ‘… but no reply yet..hahaha…

  14. Luna Heart says:

    Hi, i received a sms this morning saying “congratulations your simcard winner GRAND PRIZE $9000 from COMPONY PETRONAS. To information please contact office petronas centre: +6281233589444”. I called back the number and have spoken to Bapak Darmawan. He said Petronas staff will come to Singapore to meet me at my convenient place about 11am.

    Doubt about this, I’ ve e-mailed to Petronas if they really took part in this DRAW before giving any info the cheater and now waiting for their reply. My strong belief is this is really a SCAM….Nonsense!!!

  15. Meechai Tansawate says:

    I think not only Malaysian people got this message, I myself Thai citizen who live in Bangkok also got this message just this morning (July 15, 2010). The message was sent from +6285250829167 and it was “Congratulations your simcard winner GRAND PRIZE. $.9000 From COMPONY PETRONAS To. informations Please contac office petronas centre; +6287878767567”. I don’t know where they can get my number. Maybe they random the number. I think it is really dangerous for someone who may believe in what they said.

  16. Amit says:

    I got pretty much the same message less than 10 minutes ago.

    Message: Congratulations your simcard winner GRAND PRIZE. $.9000 From COMPONY PETRONAS To. informations Please contac office petronas centre; +6281219387333

    Sender: 6285240754418

    Comment: Bloody hell !! Sick of these scams. Can’t someone do something to stop these idiots.

  17. George says:

    I just recieved the same message couple of min ago and I did a goolg and found this website / information.. Iam going to call that number and going to have some fun… going to act blur…. Let me have some entertainment…

  18. Aditya says:

    Hey. I’ve got the same sms too. The spelling mistakes was ridiculous.

    It goes,
    “Congratulations your simcard winner GRAND PRIZE $9000 From CAMPONY PETRONAS, to informations Please contac office centre; +6281280230555 ABD.RASYID BIN RAHIM.” From: +6285215114005

    Everyone, be careful. Don’t be too gullible and believe such scam.

    btw, George, how did the call go? 🙂

  19. Hidayah says:

    Hey, I’m from Singapore and I received the exact msg as Aditya today, but from different number +6285215113969.
    I just e-mailed Petronas Company today. I’m really surprised that this scam happened since July 26, 2007 ? As stated from the first post i read.
    Is not surprising that even a Thai citizen who live in Bangkok received the message too.
    Just wondering, didn’t Malaysia Authority or Petronas do something about it? I mean, people might get cheat since now, huge amount of money is like an issue. They can do anything to get it. Doesn’t it ruined their company name indirectly?
    Thank god I checked out the website and I found this website too. Gosh, cyber criminal is getting super out of hand. Come on, since 2007? It’s been 3 yrs!
    I “hope” I’ll be the last one to post this comment regarding the scam. Please take action A.S.A.P. For the benefit of all the peoples.
    This is not something we can take easy and just forget about it. “MAYBE SOME MIGHT GET TRICK”. Thank you (:

  20. Arun says:

    Hi 5 min ago I have recieved the same SMS, thank god I have found this website.
    Where is the authority why dont they take action on such a bad things.How they have got my number still not sure.

  21. Samrith says:

    He..he..I’m staying in Singapore, and I have just got a sms too.. Its call center is exactly the same as the one sent to Aditya. However, this time, it change from Petronas to Coca Cola 🙂

    It says:
    ‘YOU WINNER GRAND PRIZE FROM COCA COLA $20,000 Number Seri: 234444 please CALL OFFICE: +6281280230555 MOH.IDRUS BIN SALEH’ =))

  22. Lily says:

    Hi all, read below message posted last Mon Apr 20, 2009
    from offcial media of Petronas.
    Nonetheless, I received this sms scam today 5 Sept 2010.
    It’s good to always verify first – Beware of Scams – Think Wise, Think Twice ..
    For those who were already victims of this scam, you can take action by reporting this to the authority although less chance that you’ll get your money back. However, please don’t condemn or be hard on yourself – learn from it and be wise next time. Remember, Whoever loves money never has money enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with his income. Money is not the root caused of all evil, but the love of money is.

    I am sure many of you have been getting loads of SMS and email associated to PETRONAS contests, prize redemptions, lucky draws or maybe employment opportunities with PETRONAS. Please be informed that PETRONAS never exercised using such communication mediums like SMS and emails regarding the prize redemption and contest. Remember, not to trust any SMSs declaring you a winner of any contest organized by PETRONAS. You know it’s a hoax when you’re instructed to return back a call to an unknown number to redeem your prize! Please, simply ignore the SMS or just straight away delete it from your inbox. Don’t even respond, reply or call the number indicated in the text message.

    Sample of SMS:
    Announcement from PETRONAS MAS. CONGRATULATIONS! Your SIMCard has won a lucky draw of RM14,000. Please call 006285880214502. Thank you.

    There is also a fake website impersonating as the PETRONAS official website, trying to attract jobseekers out there! They ‘act’ as a recruitment agency and even charges a certain amount of money to secure a job with PETRONAS. Again, please do not respond to this scam. For your information, PETRONAS only have ONE portal of talent sourcing; http://www.discoverpet****.com and most importantly, we never charge anything. Again, do not trust any other website address that you receive from emails or through SMSs.

    Note: The scam website’s URL is http://www.petr***

    Of late, we also received lots of emails from you indicating that you have received emails to redeem prizes from PETRONAS. The email also contains agent details for you to claim the prize. Once again, please do not respond to this kind of email.

    If you need any clarification or come across any other type of con, please do not hesitate to email us or call Mesralink at 1 300 22 8181 and we will respond to your queries as soon as possible.

    We at PETRONAS are taking this matter seriously and we would like to advice you do the same. Don’t be a victim of these scams.

  23. ahwai says:

    I am staying at Singapore and received this scam SMS from +6285215114005 on 4th September 2010. It says

    ‘YOU WINNER GRAND PRIZE FROM COCA COLA $20,000 Number Seri: 234444 pleace CALL OFFICE: +6281280230555 MOH.IDRUS BIN SALEH’ , Penghantar: COCA COLA

  24. Alicia says:

    Hi! I am a Singaporean staying in Singapore and I also received a SMS from +6285210794466 stating:

    \Congratulations your simcard winner GRAND PRIZE. $.20000 From COMPONY PETRONAS To.informations Please contac office petronas centre; +6281219387333\

  25. Miyuki says:

    I also receive the same msg scam!…
    today at 06-sep-2010 12:01
    “From: +6285250829167”
    Saying “Congratulations your simcard winner GRAND PRIZE. $20000 From COMPANY PETRONAS To.informations Please contac office petronas centre; +6281219387333”

    What a joke,so many grammar error and sounds so phoney with all those full stop and caps.

    I knew is a scam right from the start since it didn’t include my name etc,
    also i know why they use petrol company,as usually oil companies are consider the “richest”…so please beware of such stupid scam.


  26. Caleb says:

    Same thing. Can’t believe it has gone on for 3 years! And they don’t even bother changing the phone number…

    From +6285215114005

    Promosion FROM
    COCA COLA $20,000
    Number Seri: 234444 pleace
    CALL OFFICE:+6281280230555

  27. Pretty_Me says:

    This morning I also received same message. I’m also in Singapora which means his new target is Singapore handphones and using Coca Cola Company. Good thing I typed the number at Google and stumbled into this website where at least it helped me confirmed fake winning sms before I could a call to this person.

  28. D says:

    I received the same SMS too.

    Coca cola, , Moh. Idrus Bin Saleh. Number seri: 234444

    Everyone be careful, the scammer’s back!

  29. :P says:

    Same sms, different company name. These people are despicable.

    From +6285239433743

    Promosion from
    Number Seri: 234777 SILA
    CALL OFFICE CENTRE:+6281284104473

  30. Alex Yeo says:

    Hi all,

    I received the same sms too.

    “Congratulations your simcard winner GRAND PRIZE. $20000 From COMPONY PETRONAS To.informations Please contac office petronas centre; +6281219387333″

  31. Cara says:

    Just got it too! Damn I’m annoyed. Where the hell do these people get our numbers?

    From Singapore here and here’s the text I got:

    “Congratulation…You SimCard win $9000. GrandPrize from COCA-COLA…For
    information.Plece Call Office: +6281245994309”

    Watch it people, no such thing as a free meal.
    By the way, how come you guys get 20k and I only get a sad 9k? LOL

  32. Ehlo says:

    I got the same MSG a few mins ago, now they changed the message to “Congratulations your simcard winner GRAND PRIZE COCA COLA $20.000 From PETRONAS C0MPANY,contac office centre;+6281359470125

  33. kylie masamune says:

    i had received this msg from them twice and my colleague also received it.

    Today i get it from a different number (+6285215113969), but the message is still the same
    the msg is
    “Congratulations your simcard winner GRAND PRIZE COCA COLA $20.000 from PETRONAS CAMPONY, informations contac office centre; +6281359470125 ABD. RASYAD BIN RASYID

    like others from this forum, it shows bad spelling and grammer mistakes.
    please be careful against such scam and no matter what, don’t ever disclose your account number to strangers even though the prize looks tempting


  34. Joanna Chang says:

    DAMN IT!! I just received it some 20 mins ago and that’s why I search the web to reaffirm that this is definitely a SCAM!! So keep a look out ^OO^….!!

    “Congratulations your simcard winner GRAND PRIZE. $20000 From COMPONY PETRONAS To.informations Please contac office petronas centre; +6281233589222″

  35. Emulsion888 says:

    i got the same msg today at 2.35am saying the same thing..

    Patronas, 20k, centre, simcard , grand winner , what ever shi*

    i find it very funny.. can’t they got somthing better do to?
    To: the scamers
    Msg: “get a life.”

  36. Lance says:

    Got the same damn Coca-Cola Winner BS… Isn’t there a place where we could lodge a complaint or something so that these low-life scammers would be sent to jail?

  37. Papa Man says:

    Hahaa..! My wife received sms ‘Congratulations!! YOU WINNER Promotion from COMPANY PETRONAS. $20,000 Number Seri: 234777 SILA CALL OFFICE CENTER:+6281284104473 H.ABD.RAZAD BIN SULAIMAN’ She was so excited but I was skeptical… 1st of all the word “COMPANY PETRONAS” – That sounded fishy. Petronas is a group of companies but COMPANY PETRONAS is not in the list. Find out the full list of group of companies of petronas:
    Then I type the contact person’s name and got this forum, Thank God for people like you all..! Thanks y’all and for others out there DON’T GET TOO EXCITED YET TILL YOU CHECK OUT THE FULL DETAILS..! Its ok to be skeptical… 😉

  38. HL says:

    Got the same message today (30Sep) & I’m from SG also >>

    From +6285215113979

    Promosion FROM
    COCA COLA $20,000
    Number Seri: 234444 pleace
    CALL OFFICE:+6281280230555

    Similar cases from Phil.. my prev helper got a call from a lawyer in Manila.. told her she won (can’t remember how much) but she must send money thru Western Union first (to the lawyer). And she keeps bugging me to bring her to Lucky Plaza. I checked the internet and found similar cases (of the same number!! & lawyer) and showed her but she wont listen to me.

  39. SP says:

    same here. . . received the below message today around 2:47am.

    from +6285240754418

    Promotion from
    Number Seri: 254777 SILA
    CALL OFFICE CENTRE:+6285298792927

    By the way, i’m from SG also,

    The +6285298792927 cannot be contacted . .

  40. Fahad Ibn Azam says:

    Hi all,

    I am from Singapore and I just received the following message:

    “Congratulations your simcard winner GRAND PRIZE. $.20000 From COMPANY PETRONAS To. informations Please contac office petronas centre; +6281399127222”

    First of all, I had a big laugh at this message for a while… then I replied to the number Hi, I am very interested in the prize but I cannot call… Can I do anything over SMS? I really keen on receiving the price as I am in urgent need of money. 😛

    Secondly, why would I care if someone SMSs me saying that I have won 20 cents only?! (it says $.20000 in the msg)

  41. YH says:

    Got the same message today (9/10/2010) & I’m from SG also >>

    From +6285215113979

    Promosion FROM
    COCA COLA $20,000
    Number Seri: 234444 pleace
    CALL OFFICE:+6281280230555

  42. Bryan says:

    I also received the same msg today. Am a SG too.

    from: +6285298317126

    “Congratulations your simcard winner GRAND PRIZE COCA COLA $20.000 From PETRONAS C0MPANY,contac office centre;+6281359470125

  43. Ruby says:

    I received the msg this morning at 06.28 dtd 11.10.2010. OMG i’m quite suprised, my hubby said this is a scam. Eventually I called the man, he asked for my I/C and acct no. but I smell rats! No way i do not believe all this! Beware guys…

    “Congratulations your simcard winner GRAND PRIZE COCA COLA $20.000 From PETRONAS C0MPANY,contac office centre;+6281359470125

  44. Tai Li says:

    Received today, 12th Oct 2010 @ 08:49:10 GMT +08:00

    “Congratulations your simcard winner GRAND PRIZE COCA COLA $20.000 From PETRONAS COMPANY, contact office centre; +6281359470125 ABD.RASYAD BIN RASYID” – Sender: +6285210929458

    I’m from Singapore too. I’ve checked out the +62 dialing code is from Indonesia. Sorry, due to the number is from a handphone, I can’t trace further.

    Damm. Wasted my time.

  45. Yan says:

    I ALSO received the same message and this is not the my first time to receive this kind of message.

  46. Adam says:

    I stay in Singapore , I too received SMS today early morning at 06:45am spoiling my sleep it days
    Congratulations your simcard winner GRAND PRIZE. $.20000 From COMPANY PETRONAS
    No Seri:234777 To.informations Please contac office centre: +6281284104473

    I called the number , a guy answered the phone and asked me whether I can speak Malay , I said no , then he hang up saying he cannot speak English . It’s a big scam be aware of it

  47. Thura Aung says:

    I ‘ m Thura Aung From Thailand , I received a message on my mobile on 13 October 2010 , From this mobile number (+6283139050957) saying your winner promosion From COCA COLA $ 20,000 . my number serial ******

    please your my Connect
    My mobile number – 0066810121100
    My Email Address –

  48. Nana says:

    Wah so many pple kenna this SMS scam. I’m from Singapore also…

    Just received it this morning at 8:04am from this number +6285215113969.
    I was offered $20K! Muhahahahaha…

    My msg goes like this:

    Congratulations your Sim
    Card Winner GRAND PRIZE
    COCA COLA $20.000.00
    C0MPANY,Contac Office
    Centre; +6281359470125

    The phone numbers are from Indonesia coz of the country prefix +62.

    Be warned!

  49. Tamas says:


    I’m also from Singapore. Just received the same sms today. It’s just amazing that the authorities are not doing anything about it. Some of the posts say that the phone number – the same one since 2007! – is still working, though I haven’t tried it myself. If this is so, then there should be someone who is paying the bills, someone who can surely be traced down??

  50. shar says:

    Guys, I just received the same sms and stupid me returned a call to them. The guy on d line sounds like an Indon .

    He said that I just won SGD$20k.
    When asked how he got my number he said it was system generated.
    Anyway, he said I must come down to KL to collect the winnings or I can have the money transferred to my account.

    He said to sms him my full name,address and ac number.
    I then sms him my name and adress(w/o my account num).
    Now I’m dead worried after reading thru all the posts on this side.

    Should I make a police report? 🙁

    • Y! O! Y! says:

      Shar – Would advise you to make a police report since you have sms them your address….. -.-

      Anyway I did receive the sms on the 17th Oct. It was too good to be true and sounded fishy. Heng ……. I didnt fall for this scam.

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