Logitech Classic Keyboard Plus

LogitechMy old keyboard was dead few months ago and I’ve been using my housemate’s keyboard during this period. Since I’m going to Lowyat, so I decided to buy a new keyboard. At first, I actually plan to buy the Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000 as reviewed by Sian Siew. But my budget is quite tight, so I have no choice but to choose a cheaper keyboard. I decided to go with with cost me RM23. It is quite cheap for a branded keyboard since some unbranded keyboard can cost up to RM18!

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Logitech Classic Keyboard Plus

Features of the keyboard (taken from official website):

  • Spill resistant
  • UV coated key printing (last longer)
  • Sleek styling
  • Responsive soft-touch key
  • Small footprint (save space)

The Box
The box

The package only come with the keyboard and nothing else (excluding the box) Since this is a normal keyboard without any multimedia features, driver is not necessary. The build of the keyboard is actually quite good. There are actually 19 screws that hold the keyboard together!

The back of the keyboard

I can’t comment much about the “sleek styling”, but it is just like most keyboards. (Btw, this is a full-size keyboard. Not those compact keyboard)

The keys are very responsive and quiet. But you won’t get those notebook-keyboard feeling since it is much thicker. But the keyboard (and the keys) itself is quite slim.

I tried the spill-resistant feature, and it works great! But please remember not to try this at home! I need to open up my keyboard to dry the internal components (maybe because I used too much water in the demo) I’m surprised with the internal of the keyboard. The keys are actually locked to the front-plate of the keyboard. Which means that you can’t take out the keys.

I’m very please with this keyboard especially the quality of it. For this price, I definitely recommend any of you to get this keyboard instead of some non-branded keyboard. I’ll give the Logitech Classic Keyboard Plus a rating of 9/10.

dsc00040-small.JPG dsc00039-small.JPG dsc00038-small.JPG dsc00037-small.JPG dsc00036-small.JPG dsc00034-small.JPG dsc00041-small.JPG

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4 Responses to Logitech Classic Keyboard Plus

  1. anonymous says:

    Logitech pay you how much for this ads?

  2. HMMaster says:

    Logitech didn’t pay me for this review. (Dont think they’ll pay me for this crappy review for their low-end product xD) 🙂

  3. Andrew says:

    Cool, im in need of a new keyboard, might get this one, but is the space bar loud? my bro uses a logitech internet keyboard pro, and its quite keys, all except for the bloody spacebar.

  4. HMMaster says:

    the sound of the space is pretty much the same with the other keys. 🙂

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