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Tired of spam? Well, disposable email is here for you! So, what exactly is disposable email? Disposable email is an email that require no registration and the mail in the inbox will be deleted within a certain time frame. For example, when a website require you to provide your email address during registration, you can simply type anything you want (ie: dave@dodgeit.com) and register! Next, go to the website of the temporary email provider and type in the user name that you use to register (in this case, dave) to check for the activation mail! If the website sells your email to spam list, all the spam will go to this email! (And will be deleted automatically!)

But please remember that the email address is public. So, it is not advisable to use this email to store any confidential data such as password. And also, the email will only be keep for a short time. If you need to save it for reference use, you can either copy the content of the email or just use a permanent email address.

Here is a list of temporary email provider:

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  1. http://www.mailimate.com is also a nice choice, group Mailing and simple UI are its strong suits.

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