Nintendo 3DS!

Nintendo 3DS?Wow… did Nintendo just announced a new hardware? I still can’t believe it… According to Engadget, Nintendo just released a press release that a new 3D-capable “portable game machine” aka Nintendo 3DS will be launched soon. The Nintendo 3DS will backward compatible with DS games, so DS/DSi owners can rejoice! Nintendo is planning to announce more details of the hardware in this year’s E3 (15th June 2010). So far, the only detail of the hardware is that the 3DS won’t require any special glasses to view the 3D effects. I think it will be something similar to the 3D photo frame by Fujifilm.

I’m bit surprised that Nintendo decided to announce the new hardware now. And I never expect them to do 3D since Sony probably stronger in this. Will the next-gen PSP 3D-capable?

*Updated* Check out my new post here for more details of the Nintendo 3DS!

[Nintendo via Engadget]

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  2. Mickael says:

    The new 3ds looks absolutely stunning in the latest simmed videos. I can’t wait to try it out for real. It sucks that its so hard to capture 3d on video because i’d like to see it in action. I’ve heard very good reviews though. my only drawback is that i don’t want to ditch all my old addons for new 3DS accessories. i hope my old stuff will work with my new 3ds console.

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