Yahoo! Messenger Worm/Virus

Yahoo Messenger spam

Recently I received a few spam messages from my friends in Yahoo Message. The spam usually look like this:

Wanna lose a lot of weight without diets or excercise? Kathy and I have both lost over 30 pounds in a couple weeks just by taking Acai pills daily, the same ones that Oprah talked about on her show. They are only five dollars to try, We get them from *******.com


Finally after all this time I found the only way to lose a lot of weight in just a few weeks and not have to diet or excercise. I seen it on Oprah and Cnn, ordered it and lost 36 pounds in just a few weeks and still losing, they have it now for only five dollars to try at ******.com

I cant find much information about this worm/virus, but remember not to click on any links that you think is suspicious! (even it is from your friend) Try asking your friend whether they send the message if you are unsure whether it is a spam or genuine message from your friend.

Update: According to commenter Sweet_lullaby, changing your password might help to solve the problem. Do give you feedback in the comment if this method works for you.

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7 Responses to Yahoo! Messenger Worm/Virus

  1. concerned says:

    I have been receiving similar messages too from more than 5 of my friends already. I dont know if they are the ones who are infected or is it my computer that is infected 😐

  2. thebaxter says:

    I have the same problem but can’t find any virus’ when I run a scan. Can anyone help??

  3. eNJoi says:

    it seems that your friends’ passwords has been hacked and those who hacked their passwords have been the ones sending those messages. tell them to try changing their YM password. To check if your account has been compromised too, try adding your own yahoo ID to your friends list. if you have received the same message from your own ID, then your account has been compromised.

  4. manny says:

    i have been receiving the same messages in my yahoo messenger while i am signed in my mobile phone. i receive it sometimes early morning when i am sleeping. Anyone knowswhat causes this to send automatically from different contacts? what can i do to stop it? thank you.

  5. Sweet_lullaby says:

    Just ask your friends to change their passwords and do the same for yourself. Try to pick a complicated password, at least 8 to 10 characters, no existing words (or add a transformation to it, like passsswoooord rather than password), and use some numbers too.

    The accounts sending those have been hacked, that’s all, not a virus.

  6. GBalkam says:

    Could represent hacked accounts. But don’t click the links. Good advise above, about asking friends to change passwords. Also, this behavior is caused by several variations of WORMS or TROJANS and MALWARE. Therefore, virus scans would not always detect or remove it. My suggestion is proper maintenance, virus scan and a spyware scan as well as using a program like ccleaner, to remove junk from the temp and dreaded ContentIE5 folder. (win xp+)

  7. mxyzplk says:

    no matter how many times you change your password, they still could accessing the active Yahoo Messenger account, they are not attacking passwords but they are accessing active logged on Yahoo Messenger…

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