Windows 7

Windows 7 desktop

Windows 7 desktop

Windows 7 is the next version of Microsoft WIndows (sucessor of Windows) During this year’s PDC (Professional Developers Conference) Microsoft revealed some of the major features that will be included in Windows 7. The pre-beta of Windows 7 is distributed to the attendees of the conference.

Some of the major changes in Windows 7:

  • New Taskbar – No more quick launch, shortcuts and running applications are grouped together.
  • Jump List – Clicking a button the taskbar will bring up the “Jump List”. The Jump List will contain commonly used action such as Recently Viewed files, etc…
  • “Peek” – Allow you to “peek” into the desktop without minimizing any windows. This is done by making all the opened Windows into transparent windows.
  • Windows Snapping – By dragging a window to the top of the screen, the window will automatically be maximized. Dragging it to the side (left or right) will “snap” it the side of the screen.
  • Multi-touch interface – Use your finger to navigate Windows!
  • etc…

Do check out the following sites for more information and screen shots of the new Windows!

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2 Responses to Windows 7

  1. emrinho says:

    Windows 7 is simply awesome. Combine Vista visuals with XP comfort. Here you go, a new legend. I hope they release Win7 sooner. Thanks.

  2. Yongl says:

    Hope windows 7 would do much better than XP and VISTA 😀

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