Forum Relaunched!


Yes! The forum is finally back! Guess that I can’t wait for phpBB to release the final version of the board. -_- I think it gonna take ages for them to release the final version. For now, I’ll just stick with the latest release candidate.

Feel free to create an account in the forum and share your thoughts there with other members!

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I'm just an IT guy working in the IT world. I love to explore new things and the web is the best way to explore!
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5 Responses to Forum Relaunched!

  1. ghjhhhnghk says:

    i new on this forum

  2. Idearowew says:

    Hello everyone. This my first post! 😎

  3. modobedbaby says:

    Nothing seems to be easier than seeing someone whom you can help but not helping.
    I suggest we start giving it a try. Give love to the ones that need it.
    God will appreciate it.

  4. JoRDANA says:

    can you help me? I don’t know whay should i do
    i dont noob!

  5. john says:

    you should add some topics in that particular forum
    it can be quite interesting

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