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I finally manage to try out two online file converter that I mentioned in my earlier post. The two converters are Zamzar and Media Convert.

The file that I try to converter is a Microsoft Word file. The format that I want it to be converted is PDF. The doc is quite big, which is around 8mb. I try to convert the doc file using media convert first. The upload process is quite easy and there is a progress bar for the upload. It takes few minutes to convert the file once it is finish upload to the server. Media Convert will provide the download link of the converted file after it finish converting. This is definitely a plus since several online pdf converter require me to enter my email address and send the file to my email. This is quite time consuming.

Next, I tried converting the file using Zamzar. Zamzar’s interface is quite clean and Web 2.0-ish. You can upload multiple files at once, which is great. But Zamzar require you to enter your email because it will send the download link to your email. Zamzar also display a progress bar for the upload process. It even allows you to cancel the upload. If you upload multiple files, Zamzar will provide a zip file that contains all the converted file along with individual link for each file! I really love this feature.

Even though Media Convert manage to convert my doc to pdf successfully, but I can’t open the file. I tried several times, but the result is still the same. I’m not sure whether it is because I’m using the track changes in the doc that caused this problem. But I don’t have problem converting the same file using Zamzar.

For me, I definitely recommend Zamzar because of several features that it offer and Media Convert does not offer. But the only downside is that I can’t download the file directly after it finish converting.

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