CCCP *New*

The new CCCP is out. The download page is updated.

The changelog:

  • MPC’s internal MPEG audio splitter is now disabled by default since it has a tendency to misdetect video MPEG
  • Disabled (by default) the final audio normalization settings in ffdshow (some were turned on by default if you enabled certain filters)
  • Blacklisted oblivion.exe in ffdshow’s audio decoder to remove leftover tray icons (not harmful, but annoying)
  • Updated the MPV decoder to a special compile of, with MPEG1 decoding disabled due to issues with the decoding
  • Updated MPC to
  • Updated ffdshow to 2006-04-30. We are now using the unicode version. There’s been some optimizations to the H.264 decoding over the last few months – some reports indicate that it might have gotten as much as 25% faster since mid-December 2005.

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